Sheila Thompson

Sheila Thompson is a Toronto-based fibre artist. Her medium is exclusively fibre and organic materials infused into a felt using wet felting techniques. She earned a Ph.D. in biogeography and studied plant distributions and vegetation in Africa, the Caribbean and North America. Her geographic perspective strongly informs her art practice by providing authenticity, subject matter, memories and analytic tools.

Felting is a means of contextualizing and surfacing ideas about inheritance and resilience, and the patterns or traits left behind or carried forward in a landscape. Her latest work uses a “second-generation” technique whereby images on silk (from an earlier related felt) are embedded into a second felt effectively patterning the new landscape with elements of the old. Tucking in an old photographic slide taken during her days as a geographer highlights a real place in the imaginary.

She is a member of several arts organization and shows widely in the Toronto area.