Sheryll Venzon | SHERVENZ

Sheryll Venzon | SHERVENZ is a Toronto-based multimedia artist.

"There are no limitations to the medium I choose to incorporate into my work; while some are traditional art and crafting materials, others are manifested digitally, and the rest are entirely mundane objects unexpectedly used in a particular given space."


There is an ambiguous division between the creative worlds of art and fashion; it is within this blurred line of demarcation that I have discovered my raison d’être as an artist. Fashion is embedded within my being, serving as a conduit for the conceptual expression of my art practice.

My work focuses on deconstructing society’s portrayal of fashion, by going beyond the quotidian, eliminating the boundaries of normal and acceptable fashion within the structure of our society. By wrecking the glorified emblems within the perfect domain of the fashion world, I am altering its materiality, providing a different meaning and a provocative purpose.