Steven Crainford

The work presented here was inspired by work I did in 2006. Those images, called 'Fragments of Light', were expressions of the abstract forms to be found in the reality of reflections in the canals of Burano.
This new project, conceived and executed in November of 2012, and called 'Fractions of Time', encompasses several groups of images, once again exploring the dynamic combination of reality and abstraction found in these waters. My intention was to reduce my choices for the capturing of the photographs by making sets of images at one place and over a short time. The camera was fixed, both in position and settings and so the variation among the images taken was due only to the natural movement of the water interacting with the man-made colours of the buildings.
The images here are each a series of frames taken in just over a minute. The 'subject' is the same within each set and yet each photograph is different, expressing the infinite variety that is both transient and eternal.