Tara Krebs

Tara draws from her childhood memories of impossible worlds made tangible by her imagination and connectedness to nature. The ripped-from-a-storybook quality to these pieces, along with their vague titles and lack of narrative text allow only a brief glimpse or scene of a story, requiring the viewer’s imagination to fill in the blanks, much in the way that the artist’s own memories of childhood reach out to her through briefly illuminated fragments.

Tara Krebs is a Canadian artist, currently working and residing in Toronto, Ontario where she earned her B.F.A at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Much of her inspiration comes from her love of animals and nature and an interest in curiosities of the world, past and present. She has exhibited her work internationally and locally.

Creep on her via her Facebook Page (Tara Krebs Art), Twitter (twitter.com/tarakrebsart), her Tumblr blog (tarakrebs.tumblr.com) and Instagram (instagram.com/tarakrebs).