Tatjana Hutinec

Toronto artist Tatjana Hutinec pushes the boundaries of pictorial representation through various approaches of metaphorical self-expression.
“Art is not just a product- an end in itself - it is a start of a process. During the creative process, I pay attention to what emerges from exploring dynamics between self and nature, self and culture, self and ego, viewed through multiple lenses of psychology, philosophy, science... and this dialogue continues between a viewer and the piece of art.”
Hutinec studied art and design in Zagreb, Croatia. Displaced due to the war in Croatia In 1990, Tatjana found opportunities for work in Toronto’s film and theatre industry along with teaching art workshops at schools and communities. Tatjana has been exhibiting her artwork at galleries and events in Croatia and Canada. Public commissions include sculptures for Luminato - Harbourfront and paintings for City of Toronto - Street Art. Her work was featured on TV in newspaper and books.