Terry Golletz

What I paint is Abstract Organic Form, or maybe Abstract Surrealism.
In my more delusional moments I believe that what I am doing is important. In reality, I do what I do because I enjoy the challenge, the process and the results.
All else seems beyond my control.
I am offering the viewer a playground for the mind, with lots of treasures to discover and forms that they can mould into whatever their current mood moves them to create.
Each painting has its own evolution. My concern is in creating a unified composition of colour and form which allows maximum participation of the viewer in the art work. Since the form does not represent an image that the viewer can immediately recognize and label, they are allowed to look inward to themselves to create with their own imaginations.


1991-B.Ed. Fine Arts, Queens U.
1981-B.A. Fine Arts, University of Guelph
1981-A.O.C.A. Toronto