Thomas Hirsz

I am a Canadian artist living in Toronto. It's a big bustling city but a calm oasis follows me everywhere. I see paintings wherever I go.
As a boy I was fascinated by the design of things around me, constantly drawing pictures and creating things. It wasn't until the age of 43 that I began taking art classes. I became mesmerized by the power of paint and have been painting daily ever since.
My greatest influences change over time but include Norman Rockwell who preferred to be known as an illustrator. He was a master at creating a scene. I am especially grateful to have discovered the teachings of Frank Reilly, another great illustrative painter. The working process has become orderly and relaxing. Richard Schmid's artwork has also inspired me. He has an exceptional talent for capturing the essence of a scene without overworking the painting.
Recently I've been venturing into the world of abstract expressionism to satisfy my fascination with strong colour and paint.