Anna Zinato is a painter, sculptor and multimedia artist based in Toronto and Venice.
Anna started painting at the age of seventeen and she never stopped, even when she became the mother of two daughters. Born and raised in Venice, which has influenced her pleasure for the art that surrounded her has always influence on her works. The house where she was born was full of frescoes and her mother was an art collector.
"Painting also allows me to capture an image and transform it into what I see through the lens of my heart and seize it forever on canvas.
This brings me joy because it is the only way I can truly share the same emotions with others."

Anna always loves to create and experiment with new techniques.

She is Graduate at The Art Centre, CTS, Visual Art Program, Toronto,
Painting, drawing and encaustic with instructor Alvin McIntyre
Her works are held in private collections in Italy, Canada, Switzerland, China and USA .